Chalgrove  Pupil Premium funding  2019- 2020

How will we spend the allocated money?

Impact of spending will be evaluated at the end of the academic school year.

Primary Pupil Premium Grant Awarded
Pupil Premium Grant Funding £75,540
Objectives of spending pupil premium
Raising attainment ,achievement, confidence and self-esteem of disadvantaged children
Closing the attainment and progress gap between disadvantaged and non-disadvantaged children
Proposed spending of PPSG by item/project – these are approximate costs
The rest of the cost is made up from the main school budget.
Item/Project Cost Focus
Improving achievement and progress in Literacy
Project x 4 times a week
Focused reading programme to accelerate progress
Filling the gap £4,212 To close the gap in early Literacy Training for all staff
focus teaching using filling the gap resources
Accelerated reader £2,247
To improve progress in reading through targeted support in the mornings and tracking of PP/vulnerable children
Beanstalk reading £1,070 To increase confidence in reading and improve word reading and comprehension
Phonic support in Yr1/Reception Split teaching and 1:1 sessions
To improve phonic skills and teach gaps in learning
Motor Skills 2 mornings a week
To improve fine motor skills and confidence – linked to writing
Yr2 and Yr6 support for split teaching £11,700 1½ days a week teacher time
to split teach for targeted teaching
Writing support for Yr6 £2,250 To target children to get to ARE and GD
Pirate Writing 3x a week
To target children who are just at ARE
Yr2 early morning phonic group 1x a week
To target the children who are just at ARE
Improving achievement and progress in maths
First class at number And sessions 3 times a week
Focused maths programme to teach basic skills
1:1 tutoring
After school and Easter
£3,500 To target individual PP children for maths and Literacy
Split teaching 2 times a week
1 hour sessions
To target underachieving pp in maths
To close the gap for pp and non pp children
Afternoon sessions- teaching to gaps £10,920 To close the gaps and accelerate learning
Yr2 early morning maths group 1x a week
To target children working just below ARE


Social and Emotional
Mindfullness/resilience £1,200 To support children with strategies to cope with stress and build resilience (YR3 and yr4)
Mindfullness/resilience £800 4 week Yr6 transition programme
Forest School £1,000
Drama Therapist Sessions and Support
To build up confidence and resilience and improve behaviour for learning
HIST £1,500 Behaviour support at class and individual level
Support for teachers and parents
Mentoring support and emotional support £7,800 To mentor and support with emotional and behaviour issues
Curriculum enrichment
Subsidizing trips/events £3,000 To improve extra-curricular opportunities for pupils
Subsidizing Yr5 Sailing Trip £3,000
Subsidizing after school clubs £950
CPD for staff-To high quality first teaching
Training and Support BPSI
Training courses and Support for teachers to improve teaching and learning and to support specific children
Whole school CPD

Embedding curriculum and Geography

Filling the gaps

£2,500 To improve teaching and learning
Whole school CPD/support in class

Zones of regulation


£700 To improve behaviour management strategies/emotional regulation
Middle leaders courses £1,600 to improve teaching and learning to ensure curriculum is relevant and challenging for all children
Tracking for Chlidren- to close the gap between pp and non pp
Pupil progress meetings with Deputy Inclusion manager, teacher and Ta’s £1,800 Termly meetings to discuss progress and  interventions for PP and vulnerable children
Moderation and monitoring of PP children £1,800  
Total £87,213