At Chalgrove we’re very lucky to have governors from many different backgrounds and disciplines that all contribute greatly to our school with their advice and knowledge. Our policy is to recruit our governors from parents, teachers, local authority and the wider local community. Here is a list of the current governors.

Governors and their term

Local Authority Governors
Ms Fiona Bulmer (Chair) – Nov 2021 (Finance and Curriculum)
Community Governors
Mr Nurul Alam – June 2020 (Finance)
Staff Governors
Mrs Jennifer Gaffney (Headteacher)
Mrs Gail Clemens (Staff) – Jan 2024 (Curriculum)
Parent Governors
Mrs Jo Rahimzadeh – Oct 2021 (Curriculum)
Mrs Hilli Yaniv – Oct 2022 (Curriculum)
Mr James Mitchell- Oct 2023 (Curriculum)

The Governors have declared nothing on their register of interests – November 2019