What is the National Curriculum?

Please see below for a link to the full National Curriculum.


The new curriculum is only part of the curriculum we will be teaching. We have a strong emphasis on PSHE and teaching the skills that children need in order to be successful as good citizens. Each half term we concentrate on a value that we as a school feel is important. Our values were discussed and decided by pupils and staff.

Our values are honesty, respect, friendship, courage and hard work.

Please see below for our yearly curriculum overviews for each class:

Long Term Maps Autumn 2019

Year 6
Year 5
Year 4/5 Hazel Class
Year 4
Year 3
Year 2
Year 1

KS1 reading schemes used are Oxford Reading Tree, Reading Eggs and Rigby Star.  We use a variety phonics including Letters and Sounds, Jolly Phonics and Phonicsplay

The Chalgrove Curriculum

‘Our ethos is ‘to develop well-rounded, happy children who have enquiring minds and a thirst for knowledge and for life!’

Our school curriculum is designed to ensure children leave Chalgrove as resilient, independent learners, who have a passion for and love of learning. We want our pupils to be interested in the world around them, to have open minds, tolerance and understanding of others, a good general knowledge and the ability to work together in teams – learning from one another. We want all children to experience a wide range of subjects and opportunities so that every individual gets the chance to shine.

Teachers plan through a creative topic approach and the National Curriculum is incorporated through the class topics or a core text. Engaging and relevant activities are planned to enthuse children and we ensure that all children have opportunities for:

Outdoor learning

Active learning



Educational visits

Real-life practical experiences

An extensive range of after school clubs and sporting activities

The school motto which was chosen by our children is:

‘If you believe, you can achieve’.  

This encompasses our view that all children can succeed given the right environment, motivation and support. Our core school values are honesty, hard work, courage, respect and friendship and resilience.

Please see below for our curriculum letters for each class.

The curriculum letter contains information about the learning that will take place during that term in each of the subject areas taken from the national curriculum.

Curriculum Letters Autumn 2019

Year 6
Year 5
Year 4/5
Year 4
Year 3
Year 2
Year 1

Teaching Science at Chalgrove.

The image opposite shows the principles used for teaching Science at Chalgrove.